It has been an amazing year for concert goers.  Beyonce and Bruce played shows at Met Life Stadium in Jersey,  Adele did her sold out stint at Madison Square Garden, the Rolling Stones and The Who headlined that big music festival called "Desert Trip" over the weekend.

These days you just never know who might suddenly retire or go to the big concert stage in the sky so I'm more inclined to buy tickets now than ever before.   Regrettably I never saw Michael Jackson or Prince in concert.  From people who HAVE seen those gifted performers, I know I missed something truly special.

My friend recently paid big bucks to see Paul McCartney because he’s getting on in years and who knows how much touring he has left in him.  Another friend travelled to another state to see Jimmy Buffett for her 50th birthday celebration.  She checked off her “Parrothead experience” saying how fun it was.

I'm so grateful that seeing Springsteen was checked off my concert wish list years ago.  It was that run of shows he did to commemorate the grand opening of the Meadowlands.  Amazing.  Two phenoms I haven't seen, though, are Madonna and Lady Gaga, so they are now at the top of my "must see" list.

Who is an artist or band you’ve always dreamed of seeing?  (If you want to get the juices flowing, a whole lot of results show up when you do a search of “concert bucket list.”  Try it!)