Something Old or Something New?


Seltzer water (also known as club soda, soda water, sparkling water, carbonated  water, or fizzy water)


Joseph Priestley has been credited with inventing "carbonated water" in England in 1767 .... Since then millions have enjoyed the drink. We hear more and more talk of why we shouldn't drink "soda". One day it's better to drink diet , then it's not. Don't drink regular soda cause it leads to weight problems....and the "zero" type drinks, well they're not even sure how they affect us lol  So I've decided to take a break from all soda for awhile and drink seltzer. I enjoy the carbonation. There have been studies that show health benefits of carbonated water.

I usually get the lemon-lime , by the way sooooo much less expensive then soda ! Orange is good and so is Raspberry. The plain seltzer is good too, ice cold and with maybe slice of lemon and/or lime in it.

Now I'm not saying I'll never have another soda, but for now .... I'll grab a seltzer.

Do you have a favorite flavor or brand ? Please share