The Olympic closing ceremony last night from London kept the theme of the opening ceremony going - a big party.

In general, I enjoyed it. At times it felt a little disjointed, but I get what they were trying to do - stuff as many stars and British music hits into the time as possible. At one point, as I told a friend, I felt like the British music industry just threw up on the stadium and there's your show. But I loved the special effects, the fireworks, the huge set pieces, and some of the surprises. (Although the biggest "surprise", the Spice Girls reunion was spoiled online days ago).

Also, interestingly, with all the British stars of then and now (Queen, George Michael, and One Direction all on the same stage!), I wonder where Adele was? She's one of the biggest stars right now from across the pond and rumors flew before the show that she would be on hand. Do you think she was snubbed or do you think she turned down an invitation?

But here's where I think things went wrong - NBC blew it. As has been the case throughout the games, the broadcast here in the US was timeshifted to air in prime time (if they had aired it live from London, it would have been mid-afternoon here). They've been dealing with criticism on this very topic during the duration of the games. But I think even worse than that, they butchered the broadcast so they could air what looks like it could be the Fall TV season's biggest stinker, "Animal Practice". If you wanted to see the big finale featuring The Who, you had to lose half an hour of your life to a monkey in doctor's scrubs, sit through your local news, and stay up past midnight to catch the spectacular finale. Thankfully it's online if, like me, you missed it.

So in general I'd say, the show was good, the network coverage was terrible (and I'm not the only one who thought so). What did you think? Vote below and then feel free to tell us more in the comments section?