I've talked before about how Ocean County can unfairly get a bad rap sometimes, and I've complained about some of our local roads too. But here's something that I think we can all agree is an Ocean County nuisance - drawbridges.

How many times have you been running late, maybe on your way out on 37 across the Mathis Bridge and you hear the ominous dinging of the bells and the red and white gates start to close. Knowing that "Speed" isn't real life, you smartly decide not to risk it, and you're stuck.

Yes, we do have many wonderful places in Ocean County, and we shouldn't necessarily get stuck with the reputation that people think of when they hear "Jersey Shore", but man can those drawbridges be a pain!

We've all had it happen at inconvenient times, what are your worst stories of getting stuck at a drawbridge? Tell us about it in the comments section!