What Ocean County Road Needs a Makeover? [PUBLIC OPINION]
There are upcoming road re-surfacing projects coming up this week in Toms River. The work is being done by the Ocean County Roads Department. So we thought we'd ask what roads do YOU think need a "makeover" ? Any roads here in Ocean, Burlington or Monmouth Counties ....
Do We Need Improvements on Route 9 in Toms River and Lakewood?
Do we need road improvements on sections of Route 9 in Toms River and Lakewood? That will be the focus of public hearings coming up here in Ocean County. The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority will be looking at ways to improve the flow of traffic and cut down the amount of accidents alo…
Top 10 Worst Jersey Shore Roads During The Summer [LIST]
Now that we are 'unofficially" kicking of Summer 2016  .... we are "officially" kicking off SUMMER TRAFFIC!
What do you think is the worst roads for Summer traffic here at the Jersey Shore ?
Here's Our TOP 10

Rt 37
Rt 195
Garden State Parkway
Rt 35
Rt 72
Rt 9
Rt 33
Can The Parkway Handle Traffic?
Today of course is Labor Day and the traffic northbound is a slow go ..... but is the Parkway as good as it used to be? Do you find yourself in more bottlenecks then ever on a road that's supposed to constantly flow? Is Route 9 a better option ?
Back roads are getting more congested in New Jersey
As congestion on New Jersey roads and highways keeps getting worse, a growing number of commuters are using back roads on their trip to and from work. The new traffic patterns have resulted in jams, especially in parts of Central Jersey, and new headaches for the state Department of Transportation (…

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