With the recent heatwave, we all have to make sure we stay hydrated.  I collapsed from heat exhaustion once and believe me, it's not fun.  Since then, I try to keep a bottle of water with me at all times.  In my car I have several bottles, just in case the heat gets to me or in case of car trouble.  But when the environmental activists in my life see all that plastic, they cringe and suggest I use refillable water bottles instead.

Any brand of bottled water generally fits in my purse so I buy it for convenience.  But when out on a day trip or while travelling, I can see the benefit of using the big refillables.  I actually saved a lot of money while in Iceland because I travelled with one of those Camelback bottles and kept refilling it at the hotel and various other water dispensers around Reykjavik.

A common complaint about using a filtered pitcher, like Brita, at home, is having to constantly refill it.  But, they can be a nice way to ensure there's always fresh filtered water in the fridge.

My latest discovery came with the arrival of my new refrigerator.  The water that comes out of the dispenser is actually filtered so I'm using that now every time I'm thirsty and at home.  (The key here is to make sure we replace the filters periodically.)

Where do you typically get your H2O from:  the tap, a pitcher, the fridge, or do you buy bottled water?