Obviously, a lot of people are driving this weekend. Not only "down the shore" for Labor Day weekend, but a lot of us locals are taking road trips to mark the end of Summer too. When it comes to road trips, the driving can become tedious.

So we need ways to stay entertained.

If you're traveling with the family there are always the good old fashioned car games that we all played as kids; "I Spy", the license plate game, 20 questions, etc, etc.

But what about if you're traveling alone? What do you do to keep the yellow lines on the highway from lulling you into a daze?

Personally, I like to listen to audiobooks. I was skeptical at first, I thought that the idea of someone reading to me would put me to sleep. But if you get a really good book (and a really good narrator) it can definitely hold your attention. And really long books (Stephen King's Under The Dome is over 34 hours!) can keep you entertained for literally weeks.

So how do you stay entertained on long trips? Comment below and let us know!