When Ocean County Kids Leave Home: Advice for Empty Nesters
It seems that each year, more of my friends are becoming "Empty Nesters."  Kids are going off to college, or have moved away to start a new job.
While parents are happy to see their kids' spread their wings and fly, it can be a challenging adjustment to make after spending…
Best New Jersey Colleges For Your Bucks [LIST]
Are you shopping around for the best college for your kids without busting your bank account? We have the TOP 10 colleges in New Jersey for your dollars. The data was compiled by Money Magazine and their list of best colleges nationally for the money. Pri...
More Graduation Notes: Profs and Parents
Some random observations from my 2 days attending college graduation ceremonies and receptions over the weekend.
Some teachers form a special bond with students as mentor and that's a beautiful thing.   I heard from several students who said something like "if it weren't for (…
Commencement: New Beginnings
I was really inspired over the weekend, attending ceremonies to mark my nephew's graduation from Villanova University.  Don't laugh but I actually took notes, wanting to remember some of the great soundbites from the different speeches!
A theme that ran through many of them was &qu…
College Students are Feeling the Pain of Paying off Loans
In today's day and age college students are really feeling the struggle when it comes to paying off their loans. As a result, many of them become even more stressed when they graduate about finding a job right away to begin paying off the mountains of debt they now owe.
Is Gap Year A Good Idea For Ocean County Students?
When the news broke that First Daughter Malia Obama would be going to Harvard, the reports also mentioned her taking a "gap year" after she graduates high school.  A gap year is a break between the end of 12th grade and the start of Freshman year in college...

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