Most of us have had this conversation - the phone rings, you say "hello?" and get nothing but background noise in response. Maybe people having a conversation, maybe office ambiance, maybe someone driving in a car. You've just been "butt dialed".

What made me think of talking about this is the fact that it just happened to me here at work, and happens at least a few times a week. The request line rings, I answer it, I don't get a response and just hear background noise. It makes me laugh because I know what's going on...a lot of people have our number programmed in to make it easier to call when we announce contests or have people call in on a topic. Sometimes, especially if it's the last number dialed, a person can accidentally dial that number without realizing it.

It's such a common, funny occurrence to us that T-Mobile even made a commercial about "butt dialing"


So what's your funniest "butt dialing" story? Were you the victim or the dialer? Tell us about it in the comments section!