When moving to a new house, there have always been two things you needed to do right away - change your mailing address and get your new phone number. A lot of people aren't doing that second step anymore.

In the past, phone companies were required by law to provide everyone with landline service, but some states are phasing out that rule.

Personally, I stopped using a landline, or even a "VoIP" phone years ago ("VoIP" includes everything from companies like Vonage to your cable and internet provider's phone service. The only disadvantage is, when your power or your internet connection goes down, so does your phone connection). I get very good cell reception at my house, and these days where we're all trying to save a couple bucks wherever possible I just felt like I didn't need the extra monthly cost of a dedicated home phone.

So how about you? Do you still have a landline telephone? If so, would you ever get rid of it, or do you prefer the security of an "always on" connection? Vote below and feel free to let us know more in the comments section!