I admit it, I wasn't the best student when I was in high school. I spent more time watching TV than doing homework. I knew that I should be doing homework, so I'd get an awkward guilty feeling when sitting in front of the tube. The funny part now - I still get that feeling sometimes.

Since I get out of work at 8, during the week there's usually not a whole lot I can do. It's on the late side for my friends to first be going out to dinner, and I also have my dog to think about - I can't go to a movie right after work since she'd be home alone for too long.

So my weeknights are usually spent watching TV. But again, every now and then I still get that weird feeling in my gut, like I should be doing something else. It's completely unnecessary of course, as a single adult I can do whatever I like in my free time. It's always a passing feeling, but it still happens.

It just goes to show - those feelings from childhood can stick with you well past childhood!

Do you still get awkward feelings from your childhood from time to time? Tell us in the comments section!