We've all had it happen before - you're hanging out at the Ocean County Mall, see something you really like (but probably don't really need), and you succumb to the impulse buy. But then you don't get too far down Hooper Ave before that impulse buy turns into buyer's remorse. What do you do?

I just had this situation over the weekend. I'll give you a little background first - there are two things that I'm into; I like watches and I like sunglasses. With watches, my tastes are reasonable. I have one or two "big boy watches" which I save for special occasions, but most are within the $30-$50 range. With sunglasses, my preference tends to be a little more detrimental to my wallet.

That being said, there's been a style of Oakely sunglasses that I've been coveting for weeks. Every time I'm at the Ocean County Mall or the Monmouth Mall, I have to try them on. Well, my self control finally broke this past weekend and I got them. I barely made it out to the car before the buyer's remorse hit. I gave it a day or two, wore them once, and then decided that the smart thing to do (especially in these economic times) would be to return them. So I did. It wasn't easy, but I did.

So how do you handle buyer's remorse? When that guilt hits, do you return the item or do you keep it and just promise yourself that it won't happen again (yeah, right)? Vote below and feel free to tell us about your biggest impulse buys in the comments section!