"Faster, higher, stronger" is the official motto of the Olympics. But another good saying that we could all take from these games might be, "be careful what you tweet".

The first social media faux pas took place before the games even started when Greek athlete Paraskevi Papahristou made a racially charged comment on her Twitter account and was summarily dismissed from the team. Since then, there have been at least two more Olympics related dismissals and one arrest due to people not using their best judgment online.

A Swiss soccer player was kicked off the country's Olympic squad after losing a match to South Korea and unleashing a racist venting session online.

A British teen was arrested for sending threatening messages at diver Tom Daley.

Daley was the focus of more venom when a Welsh soccer player was suspended for tweeting abusive messages about the British diver.

We've already talked about how social media has had an unprecedented relationship with the Olympics this year. One thing worth keeping in mind, what you put on the Internet, stays on the Internet (even when you think you've deleted it).

Have you ever run into a situation of posting something you probably shouldn't have? Do you know anyone who's gotten in trouble for an errant Facebook post or tweet? Tell us about it in the comments section below (but, of course, please make it family friendly if necessary!).