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Do You Feel Comfortable with Your Facebook? [OPINION]
I don't really worry about Facebook, it really can only share info your willing to share. I searched this week for a "have-a-heart" cage to catch this crazy raccoon that won't leave us alone, if the Russians collect this data then I hope they at least have some tips on how to cat…
“Dear Evan Hansen” Recommended for All Ages
"Dear Evan Hansen" won 6 of the 9 Tony Awards it was nominated for and I'm not surprised. The show touches on some very contemporary themes such as social media and bullying, and also has the makings of more traditional Broadway shows; family, young love, friendships, etc.
Yay! To Sharing Vacay Pics
How do you feel when you see peoples' vacation photos on social media?  According to a study by a U.K insurance company Aviva, an overwhelming majority are annoyed when they see holiday pictures.
I admit that sometimes I get a little envious, particularly if I'm having a stressful week…

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