Isn't it the worst when you're excitedly anticipating a movie, TV show, novel, etc and someone goes and ruins the ending before you've had a chance to check it out for yourself? It's the classic "spoiler".

The greatest thing about the Olympics is the worldwide scale of the games. The only problem with that is the fact that there are literally dozens of time zones hotly anticipating their favorite events. In fact, this is actually the first time in history that every single Olympic event will be broadcast in one form or another (whether it's on basic TV, cable, or online).

But, due to London's +5 hour time difference from Ocean County, many of the most popular events will be "time shifted" to air during prime time. For example, the men's swimming relay finals could happen at 8pm in London, but that's only 3pm here at home, when most of us are still at work. So NBC tapes the event and plays it back during the heavy viewing hours between 8pm and midnight.

The only problem is, along with the unprecedented technology that allows every event to be broadcast is also the unprecedented social media technology that makes it almost impossible to avoid spoilers.

The perfect example was yesterday's men's team gymnastics medal round. It was scheduled to air during evening prime time on NBC, but the actual event took place in London during the mid-afternoon our time. Because of the scoring controversy with the Japanese team, news broke of the final results hours before we got a chance to see the actual competition.

Now don't get me wrong, it was still thrilling to watch the British team loudly cheered on by the home crowd (including Princes William and Harry), but it was still a little bit of a let down to know the result before it even "happened".

The good news is, for the next Summer Olympics in 2016, Rio is only an hour ahead of us, so the big events will probably be broadcast live.

So how have you handled the Olympic time warp? Have you tried to avoid spoilers or have you still watched your favorite events even if you happen to find out the results before you get a chance to watch? Leave a comment and let us know!