There are so many opportunities to copy and paste things on Facebook, and I usually don't get involved.  But something convinced me yesterday to participate in the "Monday Compliment Challenge."  I saw this on my friend's wall, posted my name, then proceded to read her saying some qualities she admires in me.  Well that sure was a nice start to my day!

Wanting to pay it forward and brighten the day of some other people,  I decided to copy and paste the following onto my page:  Hello! Monday COMPLIMENT CHALLENGE: comment your name and I'll tell you something I like about you! Don't be scared. ‪#‎copyandpaste‬

My friends quickly "lined up" posting their names and waiting for me to say something nice about them.  I pretty much wrote down the first thing that came to mind, so it was easy.  And I think it made everyone feel good.

Research has shown that the same area of the brain is affected whether a person receives money or a compliment.  Compliments don't cost anything to give so I think this Facebook challenge is a good one for everyone.

Have you or will you consider doing the Facebook Compliment Challenge?  Do you tend to compliment people during your day?