We all have those childhood memories that are fun to revisit. Maybe it's going somewhere special from when you were a kid, seeing a movie or TV show, or even eating a favorite childhood food. But sometimes it's not really as great as we remember them.

This topic has actually come up twice in the last two days - one friend of mine on Facebook mentioned how excited he was to see "Mr. Belvedere" on Netflix, but was a little perturbed to realize that, through adult eyes, it's actually kind of a bad show.

And then today I was just talking to a co-worker about Devil Dogs. Remember those tasty devil's food cakes filled with cream? I have a memory of them being a special childhood treat, but I feel like every time I come across one as an adult it's dry, chalky, and really not all that great (and if you don't have a glass of milk handy, you can practically choke trying to swallow the styrofoam-like "cake").

So what are some things that you have fond memories of as a kid, but then when you revisit them as an adult you realize that it's just not quite as great as you remember? Tell us in the comments section!