What Are Your Early Memories of Surflight Theatre?
By now you’ve probably heard that Surflight Theatre will be open again this summer after being closed for some time.  “Footloose” will be the first musical of the new season and I’m looking forward to it!
I remember when I first moved t…
Do You Remember These Jersey Shore Restaurants and Bars?
As the year ends we take a moment to think back about the past. Here's a list of restaurants and bars that no longer exist here at the Jersey Shore, maybe some you remember?

Bonanza - Toms River
Joey Harrison's Surf Club - Ortley Beach
The Wine Cellar - Seaside Heights
Mrs Jay's - Asbury Park
Favorite Moments With Ocean County Dads
Do you remember that Harry Chapin song "Cat's In The Cradle?"  It tells of a father who was too busy to play ball with his son and then the grown up son who is too busy to see his father.  Those lyrics reflect something that many of us have experienced, either as chi…
Things You Don’t See In NJ Anymore
As I was going through some unique coins that I've collected over the years, I found this pair of silver slugs that anyone who's lived in New Jersey for more than about 10 years will immediately recognize - Garden State Parkway toll tokens.
Businesses We Miss at the Jersey Shore
So I was thinking as I drove through Toms River about  how I used to love as a kid going out with family to the Bonanza Restaurant .... I believe it was on Route 37. We'd go their for lunch/dinner and I can still smell those steaks as you made your way through the ordering line with chocol…
What Childhood Snacks Do You Remember?
As I was shopping at a local warehouse club earlier this week, I saw something that instantly transported me to my childhood. The neon orange cheese and red stick instantly brought me back.

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