The nature in Ocean County is second to none. But every now and then, nature gets just a little lost. That's exactly what just happened a few minutes ago.

I took advantage of a few minutes between songs and stepped out of the WOBM studio to use the rest room. As I turned the light on though, I saw something scamper across the floor and go behind the toilet. It was way too big to be a bug. I peeked around the back of the toilet and sure enough, it was a mouse.

I stepped out, closed the door so it couldn't get out, and thought...what to do?

As I was standing in the newsroom debating the best way to deal with this uninvited guest with Rosetta Key, my eye caught the small, blue recycle bins that we have in every office, and the light bulb went off - I could trap it in the can and just let it go outside.

Which is exactly what I did. With an assist from our Creative Services Director, Kim, I corralled it into the recycle can and let it go outside. Whether it ends up finding a way back inside is anyone's guess, but I did my part for now!

So what's the strangest (or grossest) thing that you've ever found lurking around your office or your house? Leave a comment below and let us know!