Another Pest Is Back At The Shore
Just two weeks ago we told you about the early and intense invasion of ticks throughout the Jersey Shore. Well, not to be the bearer of bad news, but another nuisance pest is making a return to our area right now.
Find Out What The Worst Pests In New Jersey Are
The holiday season is a time to entertain guests. But, sometimes we have to deal with uninvited guests. No, I'm not talking about in-laws, I'm talking about bugs and rodents.
When the weather turns colder, the invaders look for somewhere warm to take shelter. So, which pests are the most ir…
How Do You Deal With Bugs This Time of Year?
If I had to pick a favorite time of year, it's definitely now - late spring and early summer. The temperatures are usually comfortable (ok, today is a bad example of that), and the days are nice and long. The only downside - bugs. Lots of them. Many people have their own strategies for dealing …
Uninvited Dinner Guests
Remember I mentioned that this year I was going to try my hand at gardening?  Well, I've mainly been watching my boyfriend do the gardening, BUT I'm asking lots of questions and learning from him.  I promise I'll plant something myself before the season is out...

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