Besides Ocean County, What Place Feels Like Home?
Is there a city or town besides Ocean County that feels like home to you. In other words, do you ever dream of retiring in a different locale? When travelling, have you discovered a place that just FEELS really right to you? A place you could envision yourself living?
What’s The Dirtiest Room in Your House?
It's National Clean Your Room Day, so we wanna know what's the dirtiest room in your house? or the room that's hardest to clean?

Living Room
Family Room
Laundry Room

What room would you say is the tough one?
Still In Your Childhood Home?
My friend was telling me about her plans to redecorate her home.  She said after living there for 50 years, it's time for a change.
She's married and living in the home she grew up in.  I pretty much left my childhood home when I left for college so it's hard for me to imagin…
Jersey Shore: Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing!
Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night and can't see to relax and get a good night sleep ? Perhaps some tips on making your bedroom the best can help. This Fall, maybe a re-do on your bedroom will give you a fresh start heading into Fall.
Why Did You Move To Ocean County?
My friends who live in North Jersey just purchased a home in Texas.  They are employed, in their 50s, and take advantage of all the cultural and culinary experiences that are available where they live and in New York City.  So why are they moving to Texas...
Is Your Home Safe In Ocean County?
The story of the convict on the loose in Ocean County has a lot of people asking the question "Is my home safe" ? Convicted criminal Arthur Buckel, an escapee from the Bayside State Prison’s Ancora unit ... has been on the run since Tuesday. Res...

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