MANCHESTER - Police here aim to crack down on "car shopping," and residents who maintain surveillance cameras around their homes can help them do it.


"Car shopping" is, simply, a stroll along any street by would-be burglars, checking car door handles to find unlocked vehicles, then entering them and grabbing anything of value.

According to Detective Lieutenant Vincent Manco, the newest spate of it flared up this week in the Pine Lake Park section, on Fourth Avenue and Hannibal Street, between 8 PM and 4 AM..

Residents with video surveillance systems are urged to call police, 732-657-6111. That is also the number to call to report suspicious activity, along with the Tip Line link in the Manchester Police web page.


In general, police warn residents to keep their unattended vehicle doors and windows locked, to avoid becoming victims, and to report any instance of burglary, regardless of scope, as well as any other crime.

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