There's another reminder coming from police to make sure that your cars are locked and valuables not in sight, this time in Holmdel Township.

On Wednesday, Holmdel Police said on Facebook that they responded to White Cedar Lane after a man allegedly tried entering a parked vehicle in a driveway before heading towards the garage door at which point he was scared off by a dog inside the home.

The man then took off like the wind in his vehicle and tried another car and driveway outside a home on Partridge Run and bolted after someone in the house spotted what he was doing outside the residence.

These were attempted burglaries as the suspect was scared off in both attempts but police still want to have a chat with him and need your help identifying the man in the picture.

Man accused of trying to enter multiple vehicles in Holmdel. (Holmdel Township Police Department)

He was last reportedly seen wearing a gray sweater jacket, black mask and gloves, with a tall, thin build.

Holmdel Police are also asking you to check your security cameras for any footage and if you do, you're asked to contact Detective Sergeant Bernard at 732-946-4400.

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