When it comes to summer treats the "Italian ice" maybe somewhere on everyone's list, It is one of the most popular summer desserts not only here in New Jersey and around America.


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According to Google "It's an American invention that came out of New Jersey about 100 years ago. However, Italian Ice is based on an Italian creation called granita, which is a semi-frozen dessert, originally created in Sicily, that's made from sugar, water, and various flavorings."


Growing up at the Jersey Shore, we always loved good Italian ice. Now I will be totally honest and say I had one flavor that was and still is my pick. I loved "lemon" Italian ice and even today if I get Italian ice, it will be "lemon". I've always loved lemon when it comes to ice.




Sticking with this topic now that summer "unofficially" is here, we asked you at home to tell us who has the best Italian ice in Ocean County and we had a huge response from you and we thank you for your input.

Here is "your" list of best places for Italian ice in Ocean County


Paul: Real lemon at Mrs. Walkers on fisher blvd toms river - old fashioned Newark style

RobinRita’s on Fischer Blvd Toms River

LizStrollos Italian ice Point Pleasant Beach

Carole: Ralph's on Fischer Boulevard in Toms River

WinSundae’s in South Toms River

Jennifer: Uncle Louie G's in Pt Pleasant Beach & Beach Haven

Kevin: Pelican's on Long Beach Island


Thanks for all the delicious leads for great Italian Ice.


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