Just the other night we were craving good Italian ice and now that summer is here in New Jersey, there is no better time than now to enjoy a delicious cup of ice. We have some fantastic places to go, but if you are not sure or visiting the Jersey Shore, I thought a nice list of options for Italian ice is a perfect source of information.


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For me, I love "lemon" ice and always have. Lemon ice has been my favorite and the other night I enjoyed a combination of lemon Italian ice and vanilla custard. That is a delicious combination.

By the way, do you refer to it as "Italian ice" or "shaved ice" or "snow cone"? They are kinda different but in the same genre. Let us know and post your comments below.



We wanted to know from you at home, where are the best places to go for delicious Italian ice this summer here at the Jersey Shore. So we asked you for your recommendations because now is the time to enjoy this cold delicious treat!

Here is what you at home had to say when it comes to Italian Ice and where to go for the best this summer.

  • Robin: Rita's on Fischer Blvd in Toms River
  • Kelsey: Ralph's Italian Ices Route 9 Lanoka Harbor
  • Linda: Ralph's
  • Angela: Ralph's in Lacey
  • Cindy: Rita's
  • Stefany: Rita's
  • Mike: Rita's
  • Sharon: Rita's
  • Dover: Rita's 
  • Maggie: Strollo's Lighthouse Point Pleasant Beach
  • Mary: Ralph's
  • Renee: Italians LOL
  • Wanda: Lundy's (Grocery Store)
  • April: Tom n Dee's in Forked River


Look's like are big choices are Rita's, Ralph's, Strollo's and Tom N Dee's



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