I'm going to tread very carefully here.

I make no secret of the fact that I'm not a fan of either New York or Philadelphia sports teams, but as the unbiased journalist that I am, I'm just here to present some carefully researched findings.

Ok, so it's not exactly an internationally respected university's years-long study, but one sports website is saying if you're a fan of the Yankees, Eagles, or Jets, you're annoying.

Don't blame me, not my words!

The site YardBarker.com put out a list of "The 25 Most Annoying Fan Bases in Sports", and 3 of our nearby teams make the list.

They go after Yankees' fans for their, "magic mix of aggressive anger and unbridled superiority" (again, I'm just the messenger here).

Before the Yankees fans out there get mad, you can take some comfort in the fact that Red Sox fans also landed on the list.

In comparing Jets fans to their cross-river brethren rooting for Big Blue, they bluntly say that, "Giants fans might be elitist, but those who cheer for the J-E-T-S really S-U-C-K".

Ouch, do I keep going?

I guess I have to at this point, so let's head to our west now as YardBarker takes aim at Eagles fans, calling them, "...equal parts dumb and infantile".

It's worth noting that there are more obnoxious fan bases represented on the football portion of the list, sorry Cowboys and Patriots fans, again, I'm just the reporter here.

Now, I do have to acknowledge the fact that the author doesn't mention what his teams are, but as a proud Milwaukee Brewers fan, I did get some satisfaction in seeing that not one but two of their divisional rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs, both landed on the list.

You can check out the whole list at YardBarker by clicking here, and you can tell us what you think about it (but keep it clean, please!) by clicking here for our Facebook page.

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