I know that the headline to this article sounds like a random statement, but after 35 years as a New Jersey resident, I think that I can officially make the declaration that I am the biggest Milwaukee Brewers fan in the Garden State.

And no, I'm not hopping on the still-swelling bandwagon following the Brewers' truly impressive 2018 season, (which sadly ended on Saturday night at the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers). No, I've been at this for 4 decades. 

I'm not going to call it a coming out of sorts because it's never been a secret or something that I was ashamed of.

It was as I was doing this that I really took stock of my history of being a Brewers fan living outside of America's Dairyland, and I think that I can make a pretty good case for my ultimate fan status.

Here, see for yourself:

I've stuck with the team through thick and thin. I've been teased at the hands of Yankees fans, Mets fans, Phillies fans, you name an MLB team and I've probably had one of their fans shoot barbs at me.

But I've never shrunk from it. I've always displayed my fandom proudly, even in enemy territory. In fact, one of my greatest Brewers memories happened right here.

There have even been the occasional crossover moments (for better or for worse).

So, if you're reading this outside of Wisconsin, I'm probably the only Brewers fan that you've ever known.

But I'm here to publicly declare that I'm the biggest Brewers that you've ever known, too, and I can prove it!



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