This is an interesting topic, well maybe not so much interesting as it is going to be interesting to see how YOU feel. We are talking about parking lots in Toms River. So I’m asking is this parking lot the busiest parking lot in Toms River? It’s the Shop Rite Plaza on Route 37.

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The Shop Rite Plaza on Route 37 is busiest parking lot in Toms River, at least I think it is. It has the most volume for its space. The Ocean County Mall has a larger lot so it is not as packed as the Shop Rite Plaza lot. Let’s face it Shop Rite is one of the busiest stores on a daily basis in Toms River, with long hours and constant traffic.

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Looking at some other parking lots in Toms River that could possibly by the busiest….like I mentioned the Ocean County Mall. I also thought of the parking lots at Ocean County College, which during a busy school year can get real busy and crowded. The Target parking lot on Hooper Avenue is busy too. The Home Depot parking lot on Route 166?

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So now I throw the question to YOU …. If you had to pick the “busiest” parking lot in Toms River, which location would you choose as busiest. Post your comments below 👇🏻 and let us know your choice.

We will discuss the issue on Thursday morning and see what reaction we get :)


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