This is a "happy" story, literally, this is an article about the happiest states in America. First, let's define what is considered when making this "happy" little list :) Reader's Digest put together a Top 10 list of the happiest states in America based on various factors. "To determine the happiest state in America, WalletHub evaluated each state with 30 relevant metrics in three major categories: emotional and physical well-being, community and environment, and work environment. The analysis used research from previous data and studies on happiness published in the past decade." So there are serious factors involved in determining who are the happiest Americans.

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In addition, some of the metrics included in the Wallethub ratings were "physical health, mental health (depression), life expectancy, suicide rate, social well-being, unemployment rate, job security, work stress, commute time, volunteer rate, ideal weather, divorce rate and average leisure time." Naassom Azevedo Naassom Azevedo


Top 10 List of Happiest States in America:

  1. Utah (69.79)
  2. Hawaii (69.42)
  3. Maryland (64.62)
  4. Minnesota (62.82)
  5. New Jersey (61.98)
  6. Connecticut (60.68)
  7. California (60.53)
  8. Florida (59.31)
  9. Idaho (59.31)
  10. Nebraska (58.92)

So what do you think? Is Jersey a happy place to live? I hope it is for you, It's probably up to us individually to make sure we try to live a happy and healthy life. Try bringing some happiness every day into your life and others around. Life is short so let's enjoy and smile a little more each day, it can be contagious :) Caroline Hernandez Caroline Hernandez


Where is your "happy place" here in the Garden State? Give us some spots you love to visit here in New Jersey that put a smile on your face. Post your comments below, we always love getting your comments. Rajiv Perera Rajiv Perera


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