This is the day when we hear a lot of people say, “Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!”  That got me thinking about everyone’s real ethnic makeup.  Is it possible many people ARE indeed Irish but may not know it?  I ask because I’ve been hearing about this DNA test offered by that popular geneology website. is offering a test, done through the mail using a saliva sample.  It’s $99 and I’m tempted to try it.


I’ve been told by my parents that I have Yugoslavian, Polish, and Irish in me.  But I'm wondering if there are additional nationalities in my blood line.   It’s a curiosity thing.  For example, my favorite type of cuisine is Italian.  Could that be because I have some Italian origins that I’m unaware of?  My love of koalas…does that come from some Australian relative from many years ago?

Have you ever researched your geneology?  Did anything surprise you?

Have you taken this DNA test to determine your cultural background?


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