It's National DNA Day today so I finally took the test.  I'd been thinking about it for a while.  And you may remember my post about how I got my dog's DNA tested.  Well today, I was finally feeling ready so I spat into the collection tube.

The saliva sample will be analyzed and in about 8 weeks, I should get my test results.

I had been told by my parents that I have Yugoslavian, Polish, and Irish in me.  But I'm wondering if there are additional nationalities in my blood line.   It’s a curiosity thing.  For example, my favorite type of cuisine is Italian.  Could that be because I have some Italian origins that I’m unaware of?  My love of koalas…does that come from some Australian relative from many years ago?

I'm not really sure what to expect but I promise to share the results with you when I get them.

Have you taken a DNA test to determine your cultural background?  Did you also get information about distant relatives?  Did you get any helpful information about your health risks?

By the way, several of the popular DNA test kit brands are offering discounts in honor of National DNA Day so if you've been thinking of doing it, this could be a good time!


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