Well, when it comes to driving, at least.  I'm not a big flipper of the bird.

Insurance.com recently did a survey of drivers.

Here are some of the questions asked in the survey:

Have you honked at someone for going to slow?  Women-39%  Men-43%

Do you swear while driving with the kids in the car?  Women-44%  Men-30%

Have you ever flipped someone the bird while driving?  Women-31%  Men-27%  (But the majority of drivers say they feel guilty after doing it.)

Have you gone when it wasn't your turn at a 4-way stop?  Women-18%  Men-20%

Have you sped up so somebody couldn't pass you?  Women25%  Men 28%

Have you ever tailgated someone on purpose because they were going to slow?  Women-21%  Men-16%

Have you ever chased after a car that cut you off?  Women-7%  Men 11%

Have you ever turned your bright lights at oncoming traffic just to be mean?  (That's just rude)  Women4%  Men11%

Are you guilty of any of these.....some of these a whopping YES for me!







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