Five months after I had my right hip replaced I’m about to have the same procedure on my left hip.  When I first saw Dr. Fabio Orozco last fall because of severe pain in my right hip he told me that I should be prepared to get my “good” hip replaced in the very near future and he was spot on.

After having very successful surgery in November it was only two months later that I began experiencing pain in my other hip which has steadily worsened so on Tuesday my new best friend Dr. Orozco will replace that one.  While it should put an end to my hip misery I still have back issues and neuropathy in my left foot but we all have something.

If you would have told me 10, 5 and even a couple of years ago that watching women’s basketball was a must-see event I would have probably laughed at you…well not any longer.  I have been thoroughly enjoying the NCAA Women’s Tournament and was glued to the TV for the Iowa-LSU and UConn-USC games the other night which did not disappoint.  Of course much of that had to do with Caitlin Clark who has taken the sport to a different level.  I’ll be rooting for her and Iowa tonight against UConn while I expect South Carolina to get past North Carolina State and set the stage for an epic meeting Monday as the Gamecocks try and complete a perfect season.

A few years ago I was at a girl’s high school game for work reasons and sitting a few rows behind me was David Wintrode, the General Manager at the Causeway Family of Dealerships who sponsors this segment.  I was surprised to see him at the game because he had no direct connection to the teams playing.  When I asked him why he simply said “I enjoy the girls game because it’s pure basketball.  No dunks, great passing and teamwork.”  In the case of the college game I don’t disagree.

By the way I still love the men’s tournament and don’t see anyone beating UConn.

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