BEDMINSTER — While President Donald Trump was in town attending the U.S. Women's Open held at his golf club, the local police force was busy responding to various issues relating to the Somerset County township's most famous part-time resident.

On July 17 at 11:30, police at a demonstration at the Clarence Dillon Library received a report of a woman biting a man. At the event, which had people who were both for and against the president, Slate Hill, New York, resident Paul Murry Jr. told police that township resident Sara Ehrlich had bitten him after she had pushed her way in front of him with a sign.

Murry told police he had tried to move the sign away from his face when she bit him, while the woman said the man had grabbed her by the arm so she bit him out of self defense.

Neither could be reached for comment Tuesday.

The following day, police were called to the New Jersey American Water pump house for a report of criminal mischief. Officers on the scene were told employees had found "TRUMP OUT" painted in black lettering on the front of the building.

As of Tuesday night no charges had been filed in either instance.

Demonstrations for and against the president have become routine in this bedroom community as Trump has spent more time at the golf club during the first year of his presidency.

The Secret Service this summer declared the township an official residence of the president, making it eligible for federal reimbursement for local spending on police during Trump visits, which cost about $30,000 for a weekend.

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