So I was wrong…maybe.  As we woke up this morning it appeared President Trump had been re-elected but in what is typical of 2020 it is not that simple.

Due to the huge number of mail-in and absentee balloting there are several states that remain undecided and we all need to show patience and let the counting process play out.  At some point soon we will know who prevailed but right now it looks like Trump might have pulled off another election night shocker.

I’ve been doing this segment for nearly 25 years and have been part of WOBM for more than 41 and yesterday experienced something for the first time: a back lash of negative comments for simply expressing an opinion.

I have believed for months that Joe Biden would win this election because I felt there were too many toss-up states that the president had to win and the odds were stacked against him.  I did not endorse the former Vice President in any way, if anything I downplayed his candidacy.  I just felt that Trump’s handling of COVID-19 in the end would be the deciding factor and send him packing from the White House in January.

I would like to think that rational people who heard or then read my entire segment would come away knowing that all I was doing was making an observation and prediction.  Several friends reached out to me after hearing my comments and some agreed and some disagreed which was fine.

However after the segment was posted on Facebook (which is done every day) the hammer came down on me.  I tried to address some of the comments but gave up because Trump supporters had no interest in hearing what I was saying. Since I predicted their guy was going to lose I had to be the enemy.

Some took personal shots at me and of course claimed they would never listen to me and WOBM again.  You never like to lose a listener but I believe we will survive.

At least I was right about the vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana which passed easily in New Jersey but unfortunately I did not share that. With that said, you know that line about “take a chill pill?”  It might be replaced by “take a gummy” in the future and I know many who could use one.


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