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Election Day has finally arrived so at the very least some of the rhetoric and venom that has been spewed over the past many months will go away. Or will it?

Most people you speak with believe that the ugly talk will continue for some time especially if we need to wait days or even weeks to have a declared winner.  I do not think that will be case.

Of course there is not any drama in New Jersey which is very much a “blue state.” Despite the very visible support for President Trump he is not going to win the state’s 14 electoral votes.  Joe Biden will dominate the big states in the northeast and west and just like in 2016

Trump’s chances of pulling off an upset rest with several states he must win: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Ohio. There are also several other toss-ups which he must have.

This election has nothing to do with Biden. Without disparaging his candidacy he in my mind is nothing more than the last man standing from the long list of Democratic candidates who began the primary process two years ago.

He came across as a nice man who would not offend too many voters and of course was vice president under Barack Obama, who was somewhat god-like to many democrats.  His job all along was not to blow it like Hillary Clinton did four years ago.

This election is simply a referendum on President Trump who soon enough will realize that the American public is going to give him two thumbs down.  Listen if I was his campaign manager and he would have listened to me I could have delivered a victory for the president even during a staggering global pandemic.

Trump’s tough talk and refusal to even acknowledge the perils of COVID-19 is going to cost him the election along with his poor handling of the racial tensions that have divided the country.

Trump is clearly held in higher regard by the public when it comes to the economy and that’s usually enough to win re-election.  However acting like a bully during a time when many were looking for comfort may have pleased his base but it motivated many others to do whatever they could to boot him from office.  That effort will be successful but I would imagine there will be some fireworks before it’s all over.  I only hope he does not ignite a firestorm across the country.

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