Seeing the world come together to mourn the death of Prince has me thinking of something "deep."  Did Prince know how many lives he touched with his awesome music?  That his artistry provided the soundtrack to a generation?

His impact was global.  Bridges and Buildings around the world were awash in purple light in his honor.  People now are sharing beautiful open letters to him.  They're expressing their love and gratitude with purple balloons, flowers, and notes.

What I'm wondering is why do we wait until someone dies before we really express how much someone means to us?

With Prince's death so unexpected and family and friends suffering sudden health issues, I'm reminded of the importance of speaking up now, before it's too late.

If it's uncomfortable to speak that way in person, we can always write a note or send a card.  A positive Tweet or Facebook comment might make someone's day!

So let me take a moment now to say how much I appreciate YOU for listening to WOBM, and for taking time to read these blog posts!


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