Did you hear about that man in Australia who just gave his final blood donation, after giving almost every week for 60 years?  He has "aged out" according to the Australian Red Cross so he's no longer allowed to donate.  But on the occasion of his final blood draw (for donation), James Harrison was praised for helping save the lives of more than 2.4 million babies!  That's really incredible isn't it?

I know people who donate blood every other month. It's their way of making a difference in the world and I think that's awesome.  Some people don't really think about donating blood.  Maybe because they have never had a medical procedure that required them to receive blood.  Or maybe they don't realize how great the need is.  According to the Central Jersey Blood Center, there is an urgent need for ALL blood types.  And there's less than a one day supply of Type O- and B- blood.

Reading about the Australian man they call "The Man With The Golden Arm," I'm inspired to donate blood now.  I'm ashamed to admit I've never done it.  I'm what's known as a "hard stick."  I have tiny veins that some needles have a tough time with.  And sometimes I've felt a bit faint after blood tests.  But at age 52, I think it's time to overcome my discomfort and get myself in the donation chair.

If you've got some concerns about donating blood, this link may help.  https://www.cjbcblood.org/nj-blood-donor-faqs/

Besides the Central Jersey Blood Center in Toms River or Howell, where's a good place to donate blood?  Do you go to Bloodmobiles?  Do you give at blood drives at your workplace?

And those of you who are frequent blood donors, what would you say to encourage those of us who have never done it before?

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