Pet owners know well that a health emergency can happen at any time. Thankfully, we have some outstanding veterinarians in and around the Shore area who are ready to do all that they can to help save the life of our four legged friends.

But did you know that your pet can also help save lives?

In times of medical emergencies, dogs and cats can need blood transfusions just like people do, and Red Bank Veterinary Hospital runs one of the most advanced animal blood banks in the state.

Just like people donate blood, your dog or cat can donate blood as well.

Of course, RBVH makes it a priority to be gentle and humane when collecting volunteer blood. And it goes without saying that it's that donor blood that could help save the life of a dog or cat who is in a dire health emergency.

You can get all of the details on the animal blood bank at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital by clicking here, and see how your healthy pet can be a part of an amazing program that can literally save the life of a family's beloved pet!


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