Do You Know CPR?
It can save a life and really there is no reason why everyone should not know how to perform CPR. Today, Sue and I had an opportunity to learn some basic "CPR" training with Cherie Garrison from Hands on CPR Training .... we thank her for taking time to teach us techniques whi…
More About ICE: In Case of Emergency
My post yesterday about putting health information and emergency numbers into iPhones got a lot of views so I'm going to say more about the topic today.  I've been trying to get simple instructions that might help you Android users but they're hard to find...
This Phone Feature Could Save Your Life
I came upon some information that could be life-saving so I want to share it with you.  Your iPhone has a place where emergency personnel can get important information without needing your passcode.  It took just a few minutes to enter my information and now I feel better knowing, in case of emergen…
Mandatory quarantine?
Do you agree with Governor Christie and his mandatory quarantine for people returning to New Jersey from the ebola "hot zone" in Western Africa?
Answer this poll and tell us!

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