I spent part of my vacation pondering the year ahead.  What do I want it to look like?  What positive changes can I make?  Have you asked yourself those questions as well?  The answers usually help us make New Years Resolutions so here, in writing, is one of mine.  I’m going try to be more organized, more often.  I don’t want to repeat the bad pattern I’ve fallen into:  waiting for a big chunk of free time to clean house and organize and file all receipts and paperwork.  I’ve finally realized that, in reality, my life doesn’t have big chunks of free time so I’m going to try to make use of the little chunks.  So here’s my plan to conquer the clutter and get more control over the piles of paper:  While TV commercials are on, I’m going to do some chores.  I’m going to wear a telephone headset so I can do some dusting or sorting while on the phone.  I’m going to put on my calendar an appointment for myself once a week to take care of the paperwork I have to do; opening mail, trashing, and filing.  I’ll treat this appointment as though it is an important business meeting and will try to keep the commitment.  Finally, to make any chore seem less like a chore, I’m going to make sure I play excellent music.  Wasn’t it the 7 Dwarfs who sang “Whistle While You Work?”  Let’s hope these new strategies work!  Do you have any tips to share?  Other listeners/readers and I would love to hear them.  Please post in the “comments” section below.