As Americans, we live in one of the most prosperous and comfortable countries in the world. Most of us are more than happy here and wouldn't move out of the country for any reason. But let's have fun for a second and just think, "what if".

If you could choose anywhere else in the world to live besides the U.S.A. where would it be?

Would you go for the relaxation and comfort of a Caribbean island?

Would you take off for the endless mountain vistas of the Swiss Alps?

Would you make your home in a cultural hotbed like Paris or London?

Personally, I love London. It's by far my favorite foreign city. I love the history, the culture, the ease of getting around the city, and the people.

I'm perfectly content living here in America, but if I had to choose one other place in the world that I would love to experience the lifestyle of, it would be London.

So where would you choose? Anywhere in the world. Let us know in the comments!