Letters and Lessons From Abroad
As I was going through some old boxes in my parents' house, I came across letters I had written them in 1987.  I was far away, spending a semester in London, England.   Mom and Dad supported my interest in studying abroad, and I'm so grateful for that...
Where in the World Would you Live Besides Here?
As Americans, we live in one of the most prosperous and comfortable countries in the world. Most of us are more than happy here and wouldn't move out of the country for any reason. But let's have fun for a second and just think, "what if".
Lisa’s Lovely Trip to London
It's a clear sunny day in Ocean County, just like the weather I enjoyed for 10 days in London, England.  Surprised?  Yeah, me too.  Though I packed for the grey, damp conditions that London is known for, I welcomed the warmth and sunshine as I explored this great city, half the t…
Peace, Love, and Posh Spice At The Olympics
London threw a great party last night!  The closing ceremony of the Olympics had all the necessary tradition and protocol to mark the transition of the Summer Games from London to Rio.  But mostly, it was a night full of fun.  The athletes got to let loose after all their intense prac…
Late Night Olympics
I have to admit I dont mind the Olympics being "live" at odd times. My hours are crazy anyway so if I get up at 3 am and there's sporting events going on .... I like it! I dont mind watching "taped" segments, but prefer live events...
Love the London Olympic Mascots 2012 ?
So Friday night the Summer Olympic Games open in London and I'm excited.....should be a good time in the UK this Summer.
This Olympics has a new set of mascots, as each do ..... It's "Wenlock" & "Mandeville"

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