London, England is literally my favorite city in the whole world. If you've never been, here are my top 5 reason that you must visit.

  1. London is one of the oldest cities in Europe. You think that New Jersey (with some buildings going back to the early 1600's) has some old structures? Be sure to check out the Roman wall in London, dating back to around 200 A.D.
  2. London does a great job of mixing the modern with the ancient. There are many modern glass and steel sky scrapers, but mixed right in among the office complexes are buildings dating back many hundreds of years.
  3. Ok, so the English aren't exactly renowned for their cuisine. But I think that British sweets knock the socks off of American chocolate any day!
  4. England is the gateway to Europe - from London, you can get to Paris in only about 2 1/2 hours, less time than it takes to drive from here to Baltimore.
  5. Billy Joel is coming to London - duh! We have your chance to win yet another Vacation of a Lifetime to check out the Piano Man in London, and have time to check out the city itself while you're there! Get registered to win right now!