This is an intriguing survey, Explored Planet did a recent article entitled "States Throughout The USA With Quirky Traits" and they examined the quirkiest traits around America. "As much as people love to think their state is the best, each has a little quirk they are dreadful at compared to the rest of the United States. From the low walking rate in Alabama to the poor air quality in California, when it comes to being the "worst," these states excel."


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So initially I started thinking hmmm, what is a quirky trait we have here in Jersey? So first thing that popped into my mind was patience! We don't like to wait in Jersey, keep it moving! You know we lack patience for people who drag along whether it's in the supermarket or on the highway, "Keep It Movin!". This was not the answer, but now the answer makes sense, "affordability". Rhys Kentish Rhys Kentish


According to Explored Planet, "While New Jersey is one of the smaller states in the country, it is also one of the most expensive, making it the worst when it comes to affordability. According to a 2022 report from Forbes, "New Jersey has the highest effective property tax rate at 2.13%...and has the highest median annual real estate taxes at $8,490." Nick Fewings Nick Fewings


So what do you think? Would you agree with "affordability" or would you agree with me "patience" or would you have another trait you'd go with? Post your comments below.


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