I've never been to your house but I'm guessing you probably have a book case with books you've read, right?  Have you ever thought about giving them to a "Free Little Library?"  They are these boxes on certain streets or outside of homes where people are welcome to take a book and then return that same book, or another.  It's similar to the arrangement I saw at a North Jersey cafe.  As you see in the photo, you can "Take a Book, Leave a Book (or 2 or 3 or 7...)"  I've seen train stations in Jersey and the Philly suburbs where passengers are allowed to take a book or magazine for the ride.  There's no cost.  No due date.  Everything is done on the honor system.

The Ocean County Library system is excellent and their many locations make it pretty easy for most residents to borrow books.  But there's something charming about these grassroots "libraries" that pop up in the neighborhoods, don't you think?

If you want to find a "Free Little Library" near you, type your zip code into the search field here.

Where in Ocean County have you seen a place to take and leave books?

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