I know, you're thinking we need several traffic lights that we don't have in Berkeley Township and a lot more around Ocean County. But, this one we've been waiting for in Bayville.

I thought this traffic light would've been in place by now, but I guess we still have to wait.

lauraag, Getty Images
lauraag, Getty Images

This intersection is crazy all day long in Bayville. New homes were built that made this intersection a busy, busy intersection. More and more Berkeley Township residents use this intersection because of the new townhomes that were recently built.

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I use this intersection several times a day. At least 4 or 5 times a day.

It's the intersection in Bayville on the corner of Mill Creed Road and Ocean Gate Avenue. It's not just the new condos/houses that were built at this intersection, it's Ocean Gate traffic, Rt. 9 traffic, and all the traffic from Veeder Lane.

According to jerseyshoreonline.com, the traffic light project is still in the design stage. I'm hoping that this is going to happen. I've heard from several sources that it will happen, it just might take a while and something we will see this year, but when? Please, we need a traffic light or at least a 4 way stop, that would work, too.

This intersection is bad on a good day. I have sat at this intersection trying to make a left off of Veeder for a good 10 - 15 minutes already.

There are several places where traffic lights are needed in Berkeley Township. On Facebook, there are at least three to four intersections that you wrote about that are needed in Berkeley Township.

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