Every year, we have beach sweeps here at the Jersey Shore.

I've done these, my daughter has helped, everyone I know has helped clean the beach with beach sweeps. Many local towns get together for beach sweeps and it's a great community effort.

The environmental nonprofit Clean Ocean Action (COA) has recently put out the list of the things they picked up at the beach while cleaning it up and the wackiest things, things you'd never think of.

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The highlights from the beach cleanups from last year, this year's is not out yet, are over 91,000 items were collected in the spring of 2023 and more than 84,000 items were collected in the fall.

7 of the wackiest things found during a beach sweep at the Jersey Shore.

#1 - Voodoo Doll

#2 -Gutter to a home.

#3 - Dictionary

#4 - Underwear and a jockstrap (found separately)

#5 - Car battery

#6 - Garage door

#7 - Whoopie cushion

Click here for the entire list and the list goes on and on about what was found on New Jersey beaches.

According to patch.com, from Clean Ocean Action: "By removing, tallying, and learning more about litter, volunteers make beaches and waterways cleaner and safer for wildlife and people, and provide evidence of a pollution problem,"

Clean Ocean Action beach sweeps are in their 38th year. The number one thing found on our beaches throughout the year are plastic bottle caps and lids.

So many wonderful organizations help out with (COA), it's unbelievable how everyone comes together. And, let's not forget about corporate beach sweeps. In 2023 there were 18 companies that came together for the beach clean-up.

Please, let's remember to pick up our trash after a fun day at one of our gorgeous beaches.

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