I'm a fan of celebrating the little victories in life.  And as a life-long procrastinator, I always reward myself when those tax returns are finally filed.  This year, I'm treating myself to a spa day.

I've read a bunch of books on the value of keeping your eye on the prize.  On how acknowledging the small wins can lead to more wins.  So what's your plan for when you either finish your taxes, or when you get your refund check in the mail?  Will you go out to one of Ocean County's restaurants?  Will you take the family out for ice cream?  Are you going to use your refund to pay for a trip or a purse or pair of shoes you've had your eyes on?

If you're still working on your taxes, and you're feeling overwhelmed, remember you can get some answers at www.IRS.gov.  The deadline for filing is Tuesday, April 17th.

And if you need some friendly words of support, let me share with you some things I've learned some things over the years.  (Remember, I'm a life-long procrastinator so I've been in your shoes.)

Just start.  Today is not the day to be scrolling through Facebook or watching TV.   I suggest you power off your devices, clear of your desk, and get out your calculator, pencil and papers.  You'll feel momentum build and the rest of the tasks will soon follow.

Take breaks.  Get up and stretch your body if you've been hunched over a desk or table for a while.  If the stress is getting to you, take some slow deep breaths, or try going for a walk or playing with your dog for a few minutes.

Eat healthy today.  You may be tempted to have energy drinks all day but a better plan is to drink lots of water and snack on healthy things like fruits and nuts.

Good luck getting everything done and enjoy your celebration or shopping splurge!

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