Where The Jersey Shore Celebrates St Patty’s Day
So where we goin’ for St. Patty’s Day? Your friends will be asking and if you want to make the most of a socially distanced celebration check out some of our favorites. I could be talked into a Smithwick’s at any one of these places. Erin go Bragh!
What’s Your Reward for Tax-Completion or Tax Refund?
I've read a bunch of books on the value of keeping your eye on the prize. On how acknowledging the small wins can lead to more wins. So what's your plan for when you either finish your taxes, or when you get your refund check in the mail? Will you go out to one of Ocean County's re…
Do You Celebrate Small Victories?
Every April when I drop my tax returns into the mailbox I do a little victory dance.  People look at me funny, but I don't care.  I like to celebrate small victories.    When I book a new voiceover client or get a glowing review, I throw my arms up and jump up and down a few…